The beliefs and ideologies of gemstones being associated to a period of the year and when one might be born is an ancient tradition, and could stem back to when it was believed that gemstones came from the heavens. Many cultures have their own beliefs behind gems and how they may affect us in different ways.

A modern belief is that gemstones are related to a month of the year and that wearing your birthstone helps you through life. With properties of the gemstone reflecting on you, this custom of wearing birthstones dates back to 18th century Poland and has since spread throughout the world. The most popular and widely used birthstones are shown below.


Garnet, symbolises eternal friendship and trust.


Amethyst, is said to clear the wearers mind and offer quick wits.


Aquamarine, is said to promote a safe journey to sailors when worn and cools tempers, keeping the wearer calm.


Diamond, is said to promote balance, clarity and abundance upon the wearer. It is also thought to strengthen relationships and increase inner strength to the wearer and by a symbol of eternal love.


Emerald, is thought to grant the wearer foresight, youthfulness and good fortune.


Pearl, are thought to bring the wearer health benefits and ease issues that relate to heart, stomach and spleen. They are also believed to prevent mental health issues such as hysteria and promote stability.


Ruby, is believed to guarantee a healthy life, wisdom, wealth and success in love. A wearer of rubies will also experience a stir in imagination and arouse the senses.


Peridot, can bring the wearer magical healing properties and powers, protecting them against nightmares and also bringing them power and influence.


Sapphire, according to folklore a sapphire will protect your loved and trusted ones from envy and harm. It is said to also bring the wearer heavenly blessings.


Opal, believed to bring the wearer great insight and have magical properties attributed to the heavens.


Topaz, promotes wisdom upon the wearer as well as vitality and health. Granting renewed energy and hope.


Turquoise, oldest known amongst gemstones, brings the wearer healing powers, wealth, protecting from evil and a bringer of good luck and status.