How to – A Quick Guide to Cleaning Jewellery

Before we dive into our hints and tips for cleaning your pieces, we would advice you to come into store for a full in-depth guide to cleaning your jewellery. Every item is different due to the materials they are composed of, resulting in different methods required, in-store a member of staff will show you the best process for cleaning and give expert advice on what to do in the future.

For further tips and information on the correct methods for cleaning and maintaining your jewellery visit either of our stores where our staff will be happy to sit through the processes with you.

#1 – When to Clean There are many variables that can determine the length of time until cleaning is advised. The best way to find out is by looking! Has the shine dulled, can you spot visible signs of dirt, does the sparkle no longer catch the light? If yes to any of these you know it’s time to clean.
#2 – Unsafe Cleaning We advice heavily against using any uncertified jewellery cleaning substances and tools such as household polishes and tooth brushes. For the very best result always use products designed to clean jewellery and read instructions carefully! Materials such as silver require different cleaning products than diamonds and using the wrong products could result in damage!
#3 – What Cleaners to Use As mentioned above different materials require different care. We would ask visiting our stores for an in-depth guide through cleaners and one-on-one instructions of use. If you’re unable to visit in-store the best recommendation is to use lukewarm soapy water and a small brush, ensuring that your jewellery is never submerged, drying with a soft hand towel afterwards.
#4 – Polishing For jewellery pieces made of material such as silver we recommend using a polishing cloth to regularly combat the natural tarnish they will generate over time. A polishing cloth is a great way to keep the shine of any pieces and work against the tarnish that builds up.
#5 – Cleaning Products We always recommend using specialist jewellery cleaning products for taking care of your jewellery. At Stanley Hunt Jewellers we work in partnership with Connoisseurs who are leading experts in jewellery care. On a visit to store we will recommend the perfect cleaning items to keep your pieces safe and cared well for!
#6 – Correct Storage Storage of jewellery is a big part of care and maintenance. Don’t bundle pieces together in a draw, always make sure individuals pieces are secured separately or spaced to avoid damaging each other. Softer materials should not be stored with harder materials, for example 9ct and 18ct be kept separate!

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