Off the Cuff – Gents Finishing Touches

It’s not only the girls who have to think about jewellery on the big day! The groom and his party have the chance to add some stylish finishing touches to their outfits. The smallest details make the biggest impact and that can be easily said with cufflinks! No matter if you try to hide them they’ll always stand out.

Cufflinks are designed for wearing with French cuff shirts. There are two types of cufflinks commonly used today, cufflinks and silk knots. Cufflinks are the most formal, common and traditional type and add a touch of understated class to an outfit.

Any accessories worn by the groom and his party should match. If your belt buckle is gold then your cufflinks should have elements of gold as well. We say it’s best to avoid novelty and quirky designs when picking cufflinks, it’s a big important day and no matter how much you try to hide them, they’ll stand out – so remain classy!

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