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The tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries with gifts goes back to the Holy Roman Empire. Husbands would bestow onto their wives silver to celebrate the 25th anniversary and gold upon them on the 50th. From then on the tradition of celebrating wedding anniversaries with specific gifts has been adopted and changed over time to fit into different cultures.

We’ve created a list of the traditional UK anniversary presents below. On each year of celebration give to your partner one of the gifts. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the endless growth of your marriage and love toward one and another. Once you reach the 60th, 65th, 70th and any years following you can also get a letter of congratulations and blessing from the monarch too!

We’ll be happy to help you arrange any wedding anniversary gifts, if you’re looking for something specific or just have a few general ideas feel free to drop into our store where our experienced staff will help you find the perfect anniversary gift.

1st & 2nd For the first and second years of married between a couple wedding anniversary gifts vary largely across different cultures with specific gifts not really noted! But a favourite between couples is jewellery; earrings are a popular gift for wives and bracelets for husbands.
3rd – Leather Leather is the traditional gift for the third anniversary and this allows for plenty of potential gifts. Leather bracelets are perfect for this, with many variations in styles and brands to choice from which suit both husband and wife.
4th – Jewellery For fourth anniversary’s jewellery has always been a traditional gift to give and receive. There are no specifics on the type of jewellery which allows for couples to completely surprise their partner with a piece they will adore.
5th – Wood Traditionally wood has been a gift to celebrate the fifth anniversary of a couple. This can sometimes be a tricky one! But when you think about the possibilities it becomes a lot easier. Cloaks are a great gift for the year.
6th – Plate Plate and China has been a continued traditional of giving when celebrating the six years of marriage. A full set of China is a great gift for this year, building up a steady collection then to follow of the next coming years.
7th – Wood or Copper It has been tradition to gift wood or copper pieces on the seventh anniversary and here is a little tip from us! Copper is added along with other metals in 9ct and 18ct gold pieces so the possibilities on potential gifts just shot up!
8th – Bronze or Pottery Bronze and pottery are favoured and traditional gifts when celebrating the eighth anniversary. Pottery can be a great gift as collections can then grow over the years you are together, a wonderful symbol of everlasting love.
9th – Watch It has now become tradition that watches are gifted to celebrate the ninth anniversary. With so many brands and ranges to choose from it can be quite tricky! But if you pop into our store we’ll be sure to help you pick out the right timepiece for your loved one.
10th – Tin When celebrating ten years of marriage traditional tin has been the gift of choice. This could be one of the harder traditional gifts to find, but there are items out there and we’ll happily help you find the perfect gift for your partner.
11th – Steel Steel is both traditionally and in more modern popularity the common gift to celebrate eleven years of marriage. With stainless-steel jewellery very common there is a whole host of great gifts for both husbands and wives!
15th – Crystal Crystal and glass pieces have been the traditional wedding anniversary gift to celebrate fifteen years together. Collection sets are a great gift to mark this occasion and allow for further growth in the future.
18th – Precious Gem Typically to celebrate an eighteenth anniversary a piece of jewellery bejewelled with a precious gem has been the sought after gift. This allows for many options too! As your partner may favour different styles or gems allowing you to get a truly personal gift knowing just what their tastes are.
20th – Porcelain Finely styled elegant designed porcelain has been commonly the traditional gift in celebration of twenty years. Collections of China pieces are a popular a gift for this year and can spark an on-going collection to grow in the years to come.
25th – Silver Silver is a precious metal that has many meanings across different cultures. Presented from both husband and wife as jewellery or ornamental pieces, the possibilities of silver gifts are quite endless! This allows for you to truly surprise your partner with a gift they’ll treasure for the many happy years to come.
30th – Pearl Pearls are a symbol of natural beauty and wisdom, often presented as necklaces or rings from husband to wife this year. The rare and precious nature of pearls reflects on the undying devotion for a loved one.
40th – Ruby Ruby’s are a rare precious stone that symbol’s eternal passion and love. Commonly presented by husband to wife in celebration of forty years together the gesture of giving a ruby is an act of unyielding devotion.
45th – Sapphire It is said that the act of giving sapphires is to bring peace, joy and good health. Precious gem stone sapphires can be found in a variety of colours and have been the traditional gift to celebrate forty-five years of marriage with husbands bestowing sapphire pieces to his most treasured.
50th – Gold Gold is a popular gift for no matter the occasion but traditionally it has been an important way to celebrate fifty years of togetherness. Reaching this wonderful milestone many couples also celebrate by renewing their vows and can be a great time for new rings to be presented.
55th – Emerald Emeralds are a rare precious gem stone that when presented to a love one are thought to be a symbol of faithfulness and preserver of love. Typically and traditionally the husband will present his partner an emerald jewellery piece that when worn shows the many years of faithful love between a couple.
60th – Diamond The most precious of gems, diamonds are a sign of eternal love, never ending passion. A diamond ring is often presented by the husband to wife but is it common now for both to receive a diamond gift. It is said there is no greater way of expressing love than presenting a diamond that’ll last the wares of time and be a glimmer symbol of your devotion for eternity.
70th – Platinum Platinum is regarded as a noble metal and is a highly luxurious material. Platinum has little or no reaction with any other alloys, standing strong and resisting outside interference. The act of giving platinum is said to also represent the strength between couples, standing side-by-side with each other through all weathers, a symbol of a never breaking bond.

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