The Girls – Bridesmaid Jewellery

Your bridesmaids are the girls that mean the most to you so it’s important they are happy, comfortable and complementing you on the big day too!

It’s crucial that the girls complement you on the big day but it’s now common for each bridesmaid to show their own personality and style too. This can be achieved through the jewellery they wear and the dresses you’ve chosen together, adding sparkle to their individual look.

Alternatively you could use your wedding flowers as inspiration and dress each maid in different colours to match the bridal bouquet, jewellery included! And when day goes to night a change of accessories could be a great way to further the mementos and memories of the evening, changing flower headdresses to glittering headpieces at night for example!

Once the day is over each bridesmaid will have a piece they can cherish from your special day, a symbol of your friendships that will last forever and a continued reminder of the big day! Just like with bridal accessories, we are more than happy to help find the perfect pieces for you and your maids. Why not come to our store together?

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